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Halo 5 Screenshots

These are some screenshots from my work on Halo 5. I created many of the buildings on the planet of Meridian, many of the materials on the buildings, and did work blending terrain materials.

Some buildings blocked out by James Munroe and Chiyo Lai, Some elements may be kitbashed from Patrick Hammond, James Munroe, Chiyo Lai, Ned Gasorntip and Wesley Griffith. Some of the buildings were placed and set dressed by Chiyo Lai and Ned Gasorntip. Lighting by Rae Chen

Terrain work was done with the help of Mattias Kylen who set up the world machine nodes and materials used by Brian Trochim, I hand painted blending masks throughout the missions on Meridian.

Had a great team to work with and had a blast doing it!

More shots and renders to come..

Andrew severson bridge 01
Andrew severson bridge 02
Andrew severson bridge 03
Andrew severson bridge 04
Andrew severson bowl vista 01
Andrew severson caves 01
Andrew severson caves 02
Andrew severson miningtown 01
Andrew severson outpost 01
Andrew severson outpost 02
Andrew severson outpost 03
Andrew severson terrain 01
Andrew severson terrain 02